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Seeds of Promise is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based initiative. Our mission is to empower residents to collaborate with community stakeholders and transform their neighborhood.


Seeds of Promise is now located in the neighborhood we serve. Stop in to our new location at the South East Community Association and see what we're up to. 1408 Madison Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI.

Host Neighbor Pat Jimmerson-King: Collaboration with other Host Neighbors to improve housing!

This housing improvement project for homes on the 1800 Block of Horton Street was very special for me. I live on the block and worked with my neighbors directly, interviewed them one-on-one for home repair needs and engaged in deep listening about what they wanted done - and not what I wanted to do. I was the lead to help people very frustrated with their living conditions.

Host Neighbor Lamont Jamison: Observations from the neighborhood by a new leader

I am a Host Neighbor for my area in the 1000 Block of Lafayette Ave SE. It has been a bit challenging doing something new (like self-governing leadership) but I see potential in the program and other Host Neighbors. The neighborly communications I had with my fellow residents before I started with Seeds of Promise was at a 35 to 40% percentage rate.

Now I could proudly say it’s at least 60% and rising just by approaching them day to day with a positive model-type attitude. What I find intriguing is that a lot of them feel the same too.

GRPS Dickinson Academy Collaborates With Seeds of Promise

On August 14, 2014 Seeds of Promise Host Neighbor Taffy Dickerson organized a collaboration Community Fair with Dickinson Academy and Seeds of Promise at the school campus from 2 to 6PM. GRPS mailed out announcements and was followed up with robo-call to the school families. 14 endorsing partners signed up for tables to distribute information to attendees. Several Host Neighbors and Seeds staff were present to help through the activities. There was a turn out of over 200 people present.

Seeds of Promise Safe Communities Impact Team:

Seeds Executive Director Ron Jimmerson (far right), Host Neighbors Steven Jones, Taffy Dickerson, Pat Jimmerson-King (far left), Chris Parise of the Seeds Southtown initiative and Host Neighbor Ann Marie Rivera (corner left) come together for first Safe Communities meeting.

Seeds of Promise Safe Communities Impact Team:

Host Neighbors such as this full group now lead themselves monthly in project change and community improvement

Host Neighbors such as this full group now lead themselves monthly in project change and community improvement

Host Neighbor Community Leadership Council:

Host Neighbor Community Leadership Council finishes elections and starts more self-leadership:

Complaint Intake Form

Hello Residents----Attached here is an complaint intake form. As residents of the neighborhood, you are encouraged to contact Seeds of Promise for complaints you have in relation to the neighborhood, before you go to the City of Grand Rapids Community Development Department. This form in particular will be helpful in relation to crime and public safety. If you have any concerns about public safety in the neighborhood, please fill one of these forms out, we want to know your concerns. We will work together to come up with the best solution to help solve your concerns/complaints.

New $1,000 Scholarship Available for Full-Time Students!

Here is the flyer!

The National Sales Network is now offering a $1,000 scholarship to full-time students. You must be a student interested in Business or Sales and Marketing careers. If you get the scholarship, you receive an all-expense paid trip to the National Sales Network Annual National Conference and Career Fair, as well as an opportunity to interview with Career Fair companies. In addition to that, you also receive a one-year free membership to one of the National Sales Network chapters!

New Events Happening Through Garfield Park Neighborhood Association

Please take a look at the upcoming events forwarded to us by the Garfield Park Neighborhood Association!

Job Postings Blogger!

Residents: Just a reminder that all job postings are being put on our new Seeds of Promise Resident Job Portal blog account! There are a few new job opportunities we have put up, so please be sure to check those out!


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