Seeds of Promise is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which is a dba of Community Development Impact Ministration, Inc.. Seeds is a place-based urban community improvement initiative located in the Southeast community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Seeds has emerged as a solution to neighborhood community issues surrounding multi-generational dependency that has continuously gone unaddressed.  The existing “top-down” strategies have deepened recipient’s reliance on resources to date, rather than providing opportunities for them to become self-sustaining.  Our foundation principle is that those who live in the community must direct their own improvement strategy.


  • Host Neighbors: Residents dedicated to solving neighborhood problems through training in self-governance and project management. Host Neighbor demographics mirror the demographics of the Seeds community.  They have undergone the Kellogg Foundation’s leadership, accountability, and life-skills training program

  • Impact Teams: Self-organized neighborhood teams comprised of Host Neighbors and Endorsing Partners that address neighborhood issues and concerns.  Currently we have 8 Impact Teams: Host Neighbor Leadership Council, Job Creation, Educational, Community Ministerial, Safe Community, Housing, Health, Wellness and Nutrition, and Entrepreneurial

  • Endorsing Partners: Organizations within the public, private, academic, and service sectors that support, engage and report on their Seeds programs and activities on a best efforts basis