Kenneth Steensma

Kenneth Steensma, MSW, serves Seeds of Promise as its Handshake Coordinator, Empowerment Coach

for Seeds Impact Teams, and guide for developing Seeds self-sustainability strategy.  He is the Coordinator for Do More Good Faster, a service for philanthropy to improve its capability to match, manage, and measure the impact of their investing.  He also coaches recipients to improve their capability to achieve a lot more with a lot less in a shorter period of time.  He has provided the prosperity improvement model through which Seeds residents direct their strategy to improve personal and neighborhood prosperity.

Mr. Steensma is preparing the launch of the Good 2 Business Network which empowers the private sector to transform its social responsibility and philanthropy spending into increased measurable social, economic, and sales impact.  He has facilitated the launch of two area Christian Community Development Organizations, co-developed the Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship course for Grand Valley State University’s MBA program, and taught adult graduate and undergraduate students for area colleges for the past thirty years.