Community Ministerial Impact Team


To resurrect evangelism ministries throughout the community, removing barriers of denominations, gender, race/culture, and generation/age.


  1. Build a ecumenical-oriented community.
  2. Encourage congregation members to support Seeds of Promise by engaging in community outreach efforts.
  3. Care for all and be inclusive of all ethnicities and cultures in the community.
  4. Position Seeds of Promise as a community empowerment resource in order to nurture self-sustainability.


Housing Impact Team


To facilitate continuous improvement of resident access to quality, cost-effective housing, and to maximize owner-occupied housing in the community.


  1. Develop a support team to assist Host Neighbors in performing a block-based home occupancy status assessment–owned, rented, vacated.
  2. Determine each home’s improvement needs by cosmetic, code compliance, and rehabilitation.
  3. Link homeowners and renters to the right resources to improve the quality of housing.
  4. Equip and support resident renters to be effective renters, which will serve as preparation should the renter want to become a homeowner.
  5. To empower landlords in the community to effectively support resident renters.


Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Impact Team


To develop a place-based, proactive community health, wellness, and nutrition program that provides care and resources to community residents and minimizes the use of local hospitals and urgent care facilities.


  1. Increase awareness and access to local, healthy, nutritional foods.
  2. Establish a local community garden.
  3. Increase awareness about the current emerging health care needs relative to the Seeds community.
  4. Identify access issues and outline solution-based strategies to improve access to care.
  5. Stimulate new ideas and methods of implementation for health care.


Educational Impact Team


To strengthen and encourage family support systems, while improving student and family learning capabilities as well as educational attainment levels.


  1. Keep a community school open in the evenings as a learning center for the neighborhood.
  2. Develop evening after-school programs, activities and classes that will assist all residents and their children in educational opportunities.
  3. Tutor, mentor, and coach children and families in the Seeds community in hopes of achieving overall improvement in educational attainment.


Entrepreneurial Impact Team


To empower the development of healthy, profitable, community-focused businesses with local ownership by the community.


  1. The Seeds Center for Urban Social Entrepreneurship (SCUSE) is increasing the Seeds of Promise local economic impact by $100,000 per month through the hiring of employees for a local company (TBD) and other employers.


Host Neighbor Leadership Council


To give all residents in the Seeds community the opportunity to lead and self-govern, as well as make decisions on Seeds projects and initiatives.


  1. All Host Neighbors will be trained in planning and directing community improvement strategies to exclusively make the decisions of Seeds initiatives.
  2. Host Neighbors will recruit other residents as Host Neighbors.
  3. Host Neighbors will always conduct “deep listening” strategies to determine the community’s needs and wants.
  4. Host Neighbors develop and recommend strategies that leverage community assets to assist in carrying out projects and initiatives.