Floyd Willis

Floyd Willis is a honorary board member who, was heavily involved with Seeds of Promise for several years.  

Floyd was not only a Host Neighbor and Board Treasurer, he also sat on the Host Neighbor Leadership Council, where he served as the Council’s Chairperson.  He worked a lot with the Seeds Housing Impact Team, where he helped coordinate programs to help resident homeowners make improvements.  He eventually became the Chair of the Housing Impact Team.  He also helped renters and landlords in the neighborhood solve a trash problem together. Floyd had a passion for improving the neighborhood where he resided, but he found it difficult to do it alone. Being involved with Seeds of Promise gave him the opportunity to use his previous experiences and work with other residents to solve problems and improve the neighborhood.  Seeds of Promise helped Floyd learn how to help people solve problems and become more confident in entering situations he was not familiar with.  Floyd sadly passed away in August 2016.  He was the heart of Seeds of Promise and he will forever be missed.