Future SCUSE Businesses:

  • Capitalize on a market’s transformation – Currently at the conceptual stage is the development of a Seeds-owned, neighborhood based, wireless internet delivery system that simultaneously achieves the following outcomes:
    1. Enables residents to cost-effectively access the wealth of the internet.
    2. Helps residents improve the safety of their neighborhood.
    3. Provides in-home access to education, training, and health improvement support.
    4. Creates a replicable licensed system that empowers other urban neighborhoods.
    5. Contributes to Seeds’ self-sustainability.
  • Serve as the operations hub for replicating urban resident directed prosperity improvement – preparing to serve as the operations hub and training center for The Good2Business Network, which empowers the private sector to benefit from supporting the rapid replication of urban resident directed prosperity through two delivery systems:
    1. The STUN Zone Network – a system for equipping and supporting prosperity focused urban residents to build marketable competencies by solving the root causes of priority personal and neighborhood problems.
    2. The Success Factory Network a system to equip urban youth to start from where they are to build the competencies desired by the private sector by applying these competencies to solve the root causes of priority personal and neighborhood problems.  The system is designed to be implemented through any of the following delivery structures
      • An after-school program
      • A stand-alone school
      • A school-within-a-school
      • A value-added curriculum within an existing school