1. Develop an improved local community healthcare delivery system that minimizes the use of local hospital emergency room urgent care facilities for non-urgent care conditions
  2. Develop a place-based proactive neighborhood health, wellness and nutrition program so that families, children, youth and residents can take better care of themselves
  3. Increase awareness and access to local healthy nutritional foods
  4. Establish a local community garden


  1. To increase awareness about the current emerging health care needs relative to the Seeds of Promise Community
  2. Identify access issues and outline solution-based strategies to improve access to care in the Seeds of Promise Community
  3. To stimulate new ideas and methods of implementation for health care in the Seeds of Promise Hope Community

In 2012, Seeds of Promise and the Browning Claytor Health Clinic conducted a neighborhood survey about Health & Wellness issues and concerns of residents.  This survey was completed in the original Seeds pilot area of Burton to Hall and Jefferson to Eastern.  Click the link to view the results: 2012 Health Survey