1. Prior to development of the Host Neighbor Leadership Council (HNLC), Host Neighbors will be trained in planning and directing community improvement strategies to exclusively make the decisions of Seeds of Promise initiatives
  2. Host Neighbors will make decisions on Seeds projects within the model of community governance in the form of leadership meetings, training sessions, impact teams and eventually the HNLC
  3. The future HNLC is a structure that will sustain leadership to give all residents in the Dickinson Academy neighborhood the opportunity to lead and self-govern.  Therefore, Host Neighbors will recruit other residents as Host Neighbors who will successfully carry out the mission of Seeds to “Empower neighborhoods to transform themselves by promoting collaboration and community stakeholder partnerships”.
  4. The Host Neighbors within the various decision-making structures including the HNLC will always conduct “deep listening” to determine the community’s needs and wants
  5. The Host Neighbors develop and recommend strategies that leverage community assets