Seeds of Promise is a Michigan non-profit corporation with a federal 501c3 designation.  Seeds Corporate Board membership is composed of resident leaders and our Executive Director, Ron Jimmerson.  Residents who serve as Corporate Board members are selected by the Host Neighbor Leadership Council, which is composed of residents who formally commit to engage in personal and neighborhood prosperity improvement.  Mr. Jimmerson, as Executive Director, reports to the Corporate Board and is responsible for managing the implementation of the Leadership Council’s directed strategy.  The Impact Team infrastructure and process manage the improvement activity of Seeds.


To equip and empower its residents to govern and direct continuously improving, self-sustaining personal and neighborhood prosperity. Prosperity is defined as having direct impact and supportive dimensions:

  • Direct impact:
    • Youth are succeeding in learning and life.
    • Families are functioning effectively.
    • Adults are generating livable wage income.
    • Residents are committed to a wellness lifestyle.
    • Neighborhood is safe to live, work and play.
  • Supportive impact:
    • Strategy must become self-sustaining as soon as possible.
    • Residents direct the improvement strategy.

Guiding Principles

  • Residents direct the strategy, it’s their neighborhood.
  • Those who work for Seeds are committed to serve within the residents’ strategy.
  • Those who bring resources adapt their delivery to match the residents’ strategy.
  • The strategy must become self-sustaining as soon as possible.

Fundamentals for Strategy Implementation

  • Planning must be achieved through a “bottom-up” approach.
  • Use neighborhood based problem-solving to help residents’ increase their market competency.
  • When problem-solving, fix root causes instead of creating more symptoms.
  • Keep looking first for strategies to re-align current resources and repurpose existing economic and social waste.

Integrative Process

An integrative process is used to equip and empower residents.  Some of the processes used include:

  • Empowerment Coaching- making continuous progress by helping residents make effective decisions without telling them what to do or how to do it
  • Continuous Process Improvement- transforming today’s problems into sustainable solutions that increase personal and organizational competency.
  • Collective Impact Measurement- designing strategies that enable internal and external stakeholders to explore whether Seeds is “doing any good”.
  • Asset-based Community Development- viewing urban residents and their neighborhood from an underdeveloped asset perspective, instead of a problem-based focus.
  • Social Enterprise-based Self-sustainability- utilizing an entrepreneurial strategy to re-align current resources, re-purpose current waste, and create opportunities to improve residents and Seeds self-sustainability.
  • Mission-based Resource Partnering- empowering our partners to achieve what is important for them by helping Seeds achieve what is important to the residents.

Seeds Operating Structure

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