Seeds of Promise’s mission is to equip and empower urban adults and youth to direct their continuously improving personal and neighborhood prosperity.  As such, this solution strategy is designed to operate at three levels:

  • Level 1: Seeds local neighborhood – Directly empower residents in the Seeds neighborhood to become equipped and engaged in building market competency by solving the root causes of priority problems.  Opportunities to partner within Seeds neighborhood could include leadership coaching for resident directed projects or coaching residents who want to develop new businesses.  Other opportunities could include assisting to acquire funding for projects, business startups, and Seeds’ operations.  A recommended strategy is to schedule a time to meet with a member of our team to explore your interests.
  • Level 2: Within your urban neighborhood – The prosperity improvement model and impact team system is designed to be replicable for other urban settings.  Two approaches for helping you empower your urban neighborhood could include:
    • Our team comes to your site and supports a leadership group in your neighborhood, providing training in the model and its delivery, as well as on-site and online coaching support.
    • Your team comes to experience Seeds’ version of the prosperity improvement model, then is trained at our site, and receives online coaching to launch the model in your neighborhood.
  • Level 3: Within our rapid replication strategy – Public sector funding for “help” in urban neighborhood is rapidly declining. Philanthropy is intensifying the pressure to demonstrate measurable impact that produces self-sustainability.  When these two forces combine, it leads to a fast-emerging crisis in funding traditional help delivery strategies.  This crisis presents multiple opportunities for the private sector:
    • To use current philanthropy and social responsibility spending to create profitable partnerships with urban residents who are committed to generate measurable social and sales impact.
    • To collaborate with other private sector organizations to lead the strategy to improve urban prosperity and its benefits to the private sector.
    • To capitalize on a strategy designed to empower the private sector to profit from achieving two outcomes:
      • Rapid deployment of STUN Zones (Self-Transforming Urban Neighborhoods) that empower urban residents to become better employee prospects and valued customers.
      • Rapid deployment of a strategy that equips youth to start from where they are to become highly valued high school graduates, and simultaneously motivates schools to integrate this strategy within their setting.

Seeds in leading the paradigm transformation for delivering help to those in need in urban neighborhoods.  Our hope is that what you have read confirms that those engaged in Seeds have developed a process that can create significant measurable impact.

We invite you to explore how to best achieve what is important to you through partnering with Seeds in a manner that creates shared benefit.  Contact Seeds Systems Coach, Kenneth Steensma, below to get the process started.  We invite you to consider contributing financially to empower accelerating Seeds’ self-sustainability.