1. To make the Dickinson and Southtown neighborhood safe for residents by focusing on partnerships, communication and activities to prevent crime
  2. To encourage better communication and understanding between residents and the Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD)
  3. To create place-based neighborhood strategies and projects in partnership with the Housing Impact Team to address landlord accountability for safe housing and tenant responsibility
  4. To provide safe environment for Dickinson Academy and Southtown area children 


  1. Impact team members, Host Neighbors and residents serving as GRPD ambassadors to build more trust and relationships
  2. Encourage residents to participate in the GRPD Citizens Police Academy, the GRPD Youth Academy, and other GRPD community-based programs
  3. Develop partnership between Seeds of Promise and GRPD that involve more residents in GRPD crime prevention and awareness through the Seeds of Promise Community
  4. Provide residents with information, methods, and systems to safely and effectively report incidents to GRPD