Serve, Share, Own is program for first time home-buyers.  It gives up to $8,000 for closing costs on a home.

General program requirements:

  • Must be a FIRST TIME HOME-BUYER (However, you can be a divorced parent with a minor child who owned property with a spouse.  Cannot have owned a home in 3 years.)
  • Credit score of 620 or higher
  • Home-buyer total housing debt may not exceed 35% of gross income
  • 1 year of steady employment
  • $1,000 of personal cash
  • Make 80% less of area median income (please click here to find out if you fall within the income guidelines)
  • Must remain in the home for 5 years (a 5-year lien will be placed on your home with a prorated recapture of down payment assistance)
  • Home-buyer counseling is required
    • Inner City Christian Federation (920 Cherry Street SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49506 | 616-336-9333) does this counseling
    • Up to $150 of down payment assistance funds can be used to pay for home-buyer counseling
  • A $100 non-refundable application fee for Seeds Area residents and $150 for non-Seeds Area residents (please click here to find out if you are in the Seeds Area)

If you would like more information or to find out if you’re qualified for this program, please fill out this form: