Seeds is the living corporate wisdom of those who contribute to its impact every day.  Fundamental to building this shared wisdom is a code of conduct that values each person’s perspective, experience, creativity and ingenuity.  Within this code of conduct is the agreement that final say for strategy and implementation rests with the residents who serve as Seeds’ Host Neighbors, delegated to the Seeds Corporate Board, and managed by Seeds Executive Director.  As such, Seeds welcomes the richness of differences of opinions, but does not accept the polarization of conflict.  Within this framework is a daily dynamism that challenges those who lead to keep the strategy “on track”.

The following are the people side of Seeds, serving within their respective roles:

  • Host Neighbors these are Seeds neighborhood residents who have been trained in governance processes, serve terms on the Host Neighbor Leadership Council, and have committed to engage in improvement within an Impact Team, by managing an improvement project, or serve in a volunteer capacity within Seeds operations.  Host Neighbors serve as Seeds’ non-formal Leadership Council, setting policy and direction for the neighborhood’s prosperity improvement.  They also serve as ambassadors with residents by listening for concerns and suggestions, as well as keeping residents informed of important news, events, and opportunities.
  • Corporate Board of Directors – selected host Neighbors as the Executive Director translate Host Neighbor directed strategy into a governance and implementation plan, delegating the daily management to the Executive Director.
  • Advisory Council the Council’s role is to empower the Host Neighbors to continuously improve their leadership and strategy effectiveness.  The Council also serves as  link to the market place and external resources for Seeds.
  • Executive Director and Founder – Ronald Jimmerson has been highly engaged in leading the process of translating this vision into becoming a reality of Seeds.  While at Cascade Engineering, he led the development of its nationally acclaimed Welfare 2 Career program and its replication as Prison and School 2 Career programs.  In March 2016, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce awarded their 2016 Diversity Change Agent Award for his lifetime of leadership in empowering collaboration by people with differences.  Ron’s leadership also positioned Seeds for receiving the September 2016 Diversity Award by Corp! magazine.
  • Seeds Operations Team – Seeds’ daily activity is coordinated by talented and ethnically diverse team, composed of both paid and volunteer members.  Their commitment, creativity, and ingenuity serve as the foundation for transforming the continuous challenges of guiding too much happening at any one time into organized and measurable impact.
  • Seeds Prosperity Improvement Impact Teams – an impact team is formed once residents have identified a priority problem that they want to develop an organized strategy to impact.  Impact Teams are composed of residents and members of mission-related Endorsing Partner organizations.  The goal of each team is to accelerate solving the problem’s root causes in a manner that matches the residents’ strategy and empowers Seeds’ Endorsing Partners to increase their measureable impact.
  • Seeds Endorsing Partner Organizations – currently there are over 70 non-profit, public, and private organizations that concur with Seeds mission and have committed to the best of their ability, to adapt their resource delivery to integrate with the Host Neighbors’ prosperity improvement strategy.  More than half of these organizations provide staff, at their cost, to serve regularly as members of impact teams, improvement projects and events.